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A new assemble line of slewing drive has been planned to be introduced
Author:H-FANG AddTime:23-10-2015

    Recently, H-FANG is preparing to involve in CSP industry which is gradually improved in domestic market. A new assemble line of slewing drive has been planned to be introduced at the end of year. Its core technology is from Cone Drive which is H-FANG’s American sister company.
As a global drive leader , H-FANG combined with CONE DRIVE formally in September, 2014. Eventually, both sides start comprehensive cooperation.
     CONE DRIVE is a 100-year-history industry, there are corresponding solutions in a wide range from motion control to power transmission application, which can serve various terminal market, including solar, satellite communications, defence, aerospace,etc. In CSP industry, H-FANG focused on providing leading global dual envelopment drive solutions to customers. It can make customized solution by advanced fabrication technique and engineering capability.
    So far, our products have been applied in Ivanpah which is the biggest global American solar tower CSP project. Its performance is excellent by competitive advantages, such as high quality, high precision, high accuracy, high power desity, high durability and on-time delivery. Moreover, project developer of Ivanpah project is Brightsource energy company, which is developing Ashalim1 tower CSP project in Israel that matched with 121MW installation scale, has been cooperated with CONE DRIVE on slewing drive.
    Domestic CSP market is getting better in 2015, "Renewable energy demonstration area development planning, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province" that the State Council approved affects many CSP practitioners. At the time of establishing renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou, the government claimed clearly to construct international leading "low-carbon Olympic zone", a batch of CSP project will be built in the demonstration area. Otherwise, solar power generation capacity will reach 1 MW by 2020, 6 MW by 2030. In addition, CSP Thirteen Five Plan is editored emergently , relevant policy is possibly to be released soon.
    Now H-FANG is active to take measure on assemble line in coming CSP background. It is expected to boost CSP industry to develop more healthy and steady.

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