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Slewing Solution World Leader—H-FANG
Author:H-FANG AddTime:19-03-2016

      Comparing with other slewing products, slewing drive has many advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, compact structure and others, which will help to reduce manufacturing costs, and guarantee product quality.

      As the slewing solution world leader, H-FANG’s products can be widely used for solar tracker and construction applications. Leading industry development trend, H-FANG is always in the frontend of the market, involved in the field of truck crane, aerial working platform, turntable, port machinery, modular vehicles, small wind power systems and satellite communications, etc.

      The requirements of slewing drive used in truck crane is rather high, it should have significant security and reliability. Cooperating with many famous truck enterprises at abroad for a long time, H-FANG has accumulated a lot of experience in product design and application, always focuses on the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and good performance in the design phase, provides strong support for crane market.

       H-FANG not only provides more reliable and various products, but also adheres to the pursuits of good quality, leads to the development of industry market.



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