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Import high precise measuring equipment, develop solar tracking market
Author:H-FANG AddTime:01-04-2016

      As the slewing solution world leader, H-FANG has achieved good results in the past years. We have provided slewing drive for many MW solar tracking projects at home and abroad, which has also helped us to establish good brand image in industry market.

      It is reported that to improve tracking precision of solar projects, H-FANG imported three coordinate measuring system from Germany.  As we know, slewing drive is very important in the solar tracking, its quality and precision will directly influence generating capacity of solar tracking projects. H-FANG is strict to the most in solar tracking, develops new technology, imports new equipment, and designs new products, to guarantee product’s stability and reliability, promote solar tracking projects.

      As the saying goes that, good tools are essential things. The three coordinate measuring system is imported from a famous measuring instrument corporation in Germany. It can be used for measuring dimensional accuracy, position accuracy, geometric accuracy and contour accuracy in X, Y and Z directions, and recorded into computer to model analyze. Measurement accuracy far exceeds the requirement of industry standard. With the measuring system, H-FANG will seek for much higher quality product and meet various needs of customer and market.



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