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With recovery of solar market, H-FANG devotes to solar tracking development
Author:H-FANG AddTime:30-05-2016

         It is predicted by the authority of Zion Research, the market value of solar tracker demands in the global will reach to 2.42 billion US dollars by 2020. Between 2015 and 2020, the compounded growth rate of solar tracker will be 17.6%. With the development of global solar tracking market, Chinese solar tracker market gets rid of the depressed condition gradually. This is certainly great news for solar tracker parts manufacturer.

         When talking about solar tracker parts manufacturers, we will think of H-FANG, the slewing solution world leader. H-FANG has undertaken over 3GW tracker projects in the world since launce. Its slewing drive has been widely used for global solar tracking industry, and gains highly recognition from Europe and North American market. What’s more, its market share has reached to over 95% in domestic.

        Facing the fast-growing solar tracker market, how will H-FANG do? At the conference site of “2016 Chinese PV tracking technology seminar and the first reveal of world’s largest massif tracking power station technology “in May 12, Mr. Liu Haigang, the marketing manager of H-FANG accepted reporter's interview, and elaborated the development of solar tracker market at home and abroad.


                                                                                                              Mr. Liu Haigang was at the site

High quality slewing drive improves solar tracking precision

         In the field of solar tracking, slewing drive is regarded as “tracking heart”, and its quality will directly impact generating capacity of solar tracking projects. Due to the lack of industry standard and poor quality, solar tracker was criticized in practical applications in the early.

         With the development of solar industry, solar tracking system becomes a new trend because of its larger generating capacity. H-FANG adopts reliable and safe tracking technology, and is popular among many tracking suppliers.

         Chinese solar electricity installed capacity was far below it in European and American markets by the end of 2011. So H-FANG mainly focused on overseas market. Its SE/ PE series slewing drive which early manufactured was one of the most widely applied in European and American markets. Comparing with other similar products, H-FANG’s slewing drive is easier for installation and maintaince, which can not only help to reduce cost, but also guarantee product quality.

        Chinese solar power market is growing rapidly after 2012. At the same time, H-FANG seizes domestic market in time, and becomes the preferred supplier for Chinese power station owners. The biggest domestic solar power station developer ZHENFA got a 100MW tilt single axis tracking station in Jinchang county of Gansu province in 2013. In order to ensure project quality, all their drives are purchased from H-FANG. In four years after station operation, ZHENFA has ordered thousands of H-FANG’s slewing drives. The solar tracking system operates well these years, and it has proved that H-FANG’s slewing drive is much durable and suitable for bad environment.

         What’s more, H-FANG’s slewing drive has the character of variety, and provides customized design. Insisting on high quality product, H-FANG chooses to cooperate with Cone Drive, a US based leader in worm gearing. Their product technology has been improved under Cone Drive’s key double envelope technology instruction. At the same time, H-FANG introduces trilinear coordinates measuring instrument imported from Germany, which can measure dimensional accuracy,positional accuracy,geometric accuracy and contour accuracy of parts, and help to produce higher precise slewing drive.

          “In the future, H-FANG will persist to use technology as a guide in solar power fields. We will learn each customer demands clearly, provide customized solution for different tracker manufacturers, try to improve tracking efficiency at the extreme, and ensure power station runs safely and reliably.” Mr. Liu said.

Focus on the future of distributional development, expand domestic and foreign markets

         At present, distributed solar system has been a new development trend. H-FANG has cooperated with many famous tracking system manufacturers to build some small demonstrative power stations of fishing and solar hybrid system, agriculture and solar hybrid system,desert control and others, and accumulates a lot of rich experience.

        The 127 MW solar tracking station in Thailand is an agriculture and solar complementary project. Huangshan Runsol New Energy Co., Ltd is the project supplier. In order to ensure reliability and stability of tracking, extend service life, Runsol chose H-FANG’s slewing drive, which has much higher quality and performance. In this project, H-FANG provides thousands of slewing drive, and it’s the key to project quality.

          Facing the increasingly domestic distributed solar market, H-FANG has an outstanding advantage at the beginning. In Liu’s opinion, H-FANG’s rich project experience helps them to seize market share. Facing with the large-scale and mature technology development trend of global solar tracking system, H-FANG increases its investment constantly, and keep product update to follow industry development.

         “Chinese solar tracking industry will have an explosive increase in the future. In the solar tracking field, our main overseas business is in North American market, and we will expand South American and emerging markets next time. In domestic, H-FANG will participate with domestic EPC manufacturers in developing solar tracking industry, and expanding the market.” Mr. Liu said continually, “H-FANG will also focus on Thailand, India and other Southeast Asian market, promote with bundles, and actively explore overseas projects.”

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