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H-FANG Devotes Into Aerial Working Platform
Author:H-FANG AddTime:07-07-2016

       As a slewing solution world leader, H-FANG’s products are widely used for PV, CPV, STP solar tracking systems and construction applications. H-FANG has devoted into mechanical transmission fields for over 10 years, and is the exclusive supplier of slewing drive for the largest aerial working platform manufacturer in the global. H-FANG always walks in the front of industry market, and leads engineering industry to a new trend.

       H-FANG’s slewing drive applied for aerial working platform has won the recognition of international big manufacturers. Although the loading of truck crane is not very large, it requires higher backlash and more stable for slewing drive. Considering human factor, it also needs strict product security. H-FANG does special heat treatment for worm shaft and worm gear, which largely increase contact strength between shaft and gear. What’s more, H-FANG adjusts and controls product clearance, to meet truck crane’s requirements. In the cooperation with the largest truck crane OEM s in the global, H-FANG gets good reputations in the world market with its rich experience and excellent strength. 

        We have accumulated rich experience of product design and application in various projects. From the perspective of customers, we pay more attention to customized products in new product design fields, improve product structure, and provide the most suitable solution for customers. 


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